Stage 3
Sep 26, 2024

SPA, Fullstack, HTMX and more:

An overview of Current Frontend Technologies

Nils Hartmann

About this session

The world of frontend development is constantly evolving! Following the single-page applications, JavaScript-based full-stack or multi-page applications are now emerging as potential successors. Meanwhile, the HTMX library promises a development process largely free of JavaScript.

This variety of options is pleasing on one hand, as the requirements and use cases for modern web applications vary widely. The more choices there are, the higher the chance of finding a technology that fits one's specific requirements well. On the other hand, it's not quite easy to maintain an overview of all the technologies.

In this talk, I present different frontend technologies and show how they  work in general, what problems they aim to solve, and what kind of applications they are suitable for.

The presentation is more on a conceptual level, so you don't need any prior knowledge. After the talk, you will have an overview of the technologies and thus a decision-making aid to determine which of them best fits your projects.

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